When It’s Time For Patio Replacement

A well-built patio can add value to your home and serve as an important gathering space for entertaining guests. Unfortunately, patios aren’t indestructible, and there may come a time when your patio needs to be replaced.

How do I fix my patio?

Cosmetic damage is the simplest way to know it’s time for patio replacement. If you see scuffs, cracks or mild breakage on your patio surface it won’t impact the function of the area, but it can make the overall look less than appealing. In this case, a quick repair is the best option to keep the problem from getting worse.

Standing water is a sign that your patio has issues with Platinum Crete . Water pooling on a surface is unsightly and creates breeding grounds for bacteria, fungus and insects like flies, ants and gnats. It’s also dangerous in winter, when puddles can form into ice. In most cases, water pools on a patio due to a poor sub-base or an uneven surface.

Brick patios run $18 – $25 per square foot to install. These clay-based pavers are strong and traditionally historic for older homes, but they’re lightweight with a uniform shape and offer an attractive surface to sweep clean.

Patios can be enhanced with fire pits, which typically cost $367 – $2,233 to set up. They can also be outfitted with furniture, which costs from $100 – $500 per piece, depending on the style and size you want. If you’d like to incorporate other features such as lighting, a mini-refrigerator or gas lines, those will incur additional installation and modification costs.

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