Fibreglass Lining For Swimming Pools

fibreglass lining

If you’re thinking about installing a new swimming pool or refurbishing an old one it could be worth considering the option of a fibreglass lining. GRP (glass fibre reinforced polymer) linings are a high quality, long-lasting alternative to concrete liners and coatings. They offer the same benefits as concrete pools – waterproofing, good chemical resistance and superior abrasion and impact resistance.

The relining of a swimming pool with glass fibre is a fast and relatively simple operation if carried out by a reputable, experienced pool company. Virtually any shape and size of pool can be lined with glass fibre. Resin material used for swimming pools has been rigorously tested and when applied correctly will have a lifespan far in excess of concrete or marble plastered pools.

Strengthening Structures: The Power of Fibreglass Lining in Various Applications

A GRP lining will also reduce heat loss and extend the swimming season. This is because the lining is an insulator and will keep your pool much warmer than a concrete or masonry shell would.

Before a reline can begin, your swimming pool or tank must be fully cleaned and dry. This will ensure the lining adheres and cures properly. Any cracks, crumbling brick or bad plaster must be repaired and the shell must be thoroughly checked for defects that could exacerbate any potential problems. Once the surface has been clean, any holes or pits should be patched with a mix of resin; hardener and fibreglass putty powder*. Any uneven surfaces should be levelled off and grooves cut around light; weir and water-inlet fittings to make space for the mat to be pulled in.

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