Linus Torvalds


A man who has been named as one of the world’s most influential computer programmers, linus torvalds is a true pioneer in modern computing. Linus is best known for writing Linux, the open source operating system that has revolutionised the software industry. He also wrote Git, the version control system that is used by thousands of developers across the globe.

Torvalds began his career as a programmer by learning the Basic programming language on a Commodore Vic-20. Later, he acquired a PC that had a 33MHz Intel 386 processor and 4MB of memory – a lot for the time. However, he was unhappy with the limited programs it came with. Inspired by the power and stability of the UNIX operating system that ran on Helsinki University computers, he decided to create his own computer-based version. Months of dedicated work eventually yielded the kernel of what became Linux.

A Brief History of Linux: How Linus Torvalds Ignited a Movement

In 1991, Torvalds shared his kernel with a few other independent programmers and the system that they fleshed out — Linux — reshaped the software industry. It has since become one of the most popular operating systems for personal computers and is used by a significant proportion of Internet servers.

Torvalds’s e-mails are a mixture of invective and humor. He frequently argues with fellow programmers in public mailing lists and is not shy about telling them to shut up’ or ‘fuck off‘. Despite this, he has won respect and admiration around the world for his achievements.

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