The Historical Significance of Atherton Neighborhood

historical significance of Atherton neighborhood

The Atherton neighborhood—best known as the wealthiest zip code in the country—has a lot of history. Originally a summer retreat for affluent San Francisco families, its streets are named after some of those original distinguished residents: Thomas Selby, Faxon Dean Atherton, and others. Their spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy continues to inspire the Atherton residents of today.

As one of the most exclusive historical significance of Atherton neighborhood in the world, Atherton is home to many high-profile executives and investors. Some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known names like Steph and Ayesha Curry (who bought a house in West Atherton last year for $31 million), Jan Koum (WhatsApp co-founder) and Charles Schwab have homes here, as do some famous celebrities such as actors and sports stars.

The Historical Significance of Atherton: Tracing the Legacy of Silicon Valley’s Elite Enclave

Atherton is also the home of several private clubs offering social opportunities, swimming, tennis courts, and polo facilities. It’s no wonder that the rich and influential have chosen to make this place their own.

The historic brick buildings of Atherton’s central business district offer an inviting destination for local and national retailers, restaurants, public art, and community space. Stroll through the verdant Holbrook Palmer Park, once a private estate that features historic buildings, tennis courts, a nursery school and baseball diamond. Or spend an afternoon grabbing a quick bite to eat and drinks with friends at a nearby craft brew pub or coffee shop.

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