Is There a CBD Inhaler Near Me?

A CBD inhaler near me is an easy-to-use device that delivers a precise dose of cannabidiol into your lungs via an aerosol spray. A CBD inhaler works similar to an asthma inhaler: put the mouthpiece into your mouth and press down on the top of the device to release a spray. Inhale and exhale, repeat as needed.

How much does a CBD inhaler cost?

A key benefit of CBD inhalers is that they deliver a more accurate amount of cannabidiol to your body than other methods of consumption, such as tinctures and edibles. Inhaling CBD also offers better bioavailability because the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the lungs.

This CBD inhaler kit from Well Beings contains a high-quality THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract and herbal extracts, such as L-theanine, ashwagandha, and ginseng. Each spray delivers 8.33 mg of CBD and lasts for 180 puffs. The inhaler is formulated to help boost cognitive function, ease tension and anxiety, and support restful sleep. Its citrus and lavender flavor comes from natural terpenes such as limonene and linalool.

The brand’s high-quality CBD is sourced from their own farms in Colorado. The CBD inhaler uses a pharmaceutical-grade canister and actuator, which infuses the hemp extract into an aerosol and propels it into your lungs with each use. This device is designed to help you calm your breath and relieve stress, a common issue for smokers trying to quit smoking. It also helps to prevent a “cytokine storm” in the lungs, a condition that is known to cause acute respiratory distress. This inhaler also has a convenient carrying case and is small enough to fit into your bag.

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