Kettlebell Swings and Abs

kettlebell swings abs

Kettlebell swings are an excellent exercise to train your abs but they’re also an amazing movement for the entire core. The variety of variations allows you to target different areas, build a strong core while learning to engage and strengthen all the muscles that support your spine and overall posture. This teaches the core to work together for greater strength and power in sports and everyday life.

Problems to watch out for with kettlebell swings include a lack of hip extension, weak shoulders and over-using the quads and hamstrings to generate the force needed to complete the movement. A tight back and braced abs is essential throughout the movement to prevent a rounding of the spine. Resource kettlebell swings abs –

Kettlebell Swing Abs Blast: Strengthen and Sculpt Your Core with Dynamic Swings

If you struggle to reach your full kettlebell swing then try using a silverback deadlift set up. This helps to teach the movement by reducing knee flexion and keeping the pressure on your heels while also working the glutes more and building the strength in the hip hinge movement.

Another common issue is excessive spinal extension. This occurs when the erector spinae muscles of the spine are activated too much and they start to brace the upper body during the movement. This can result in a more forward tilt of the spine which isn’t as effective at producing force as a straighter spine. It also takes some of the load off the lower back and into the quads and hamstrings which can lead to soreness in these muscles.

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