Fallen Angel Names

If you are a fan of fantasy fiction, you may have heard of fallen angels and their names. These creatures are believed to live on earth in various forms. Some of them are animals, some are even humans. They are often named after fallen angels. Some of these creatures are also called satan or demons.

What are the 12 demons?

A fallen angel names is often derived from the word ‘azza’, meaning “soul.” Azza is a female name derived from Greek “eu” meaning “well” and angels, which means “messenger.” Other names that represent fallen angels include Abaddon, the chief of demons, and Abezethibou, a one-winged fallen angel.

Some of the most famous fallen angels are described in myths as being sea monsters, such as the feared Kunopegos. He can sink ships. Other notable fallen angels include the archangel Imamiah, who commands thirty demon legions and is said to have a lion head. Several other names are available in the Bible.

Fallen angels are celestial beings that were cast out of heaven after disobeying God. These creatures are known for their ability to tempt humans and can even make them go astray. They are also very intelligent and know a great deal of science. The Book of Enoch lists several names of fallen angels, including Abaddon, the chief demon.

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