Applying For a NACE Inspection Certification

Applying For a NACE Inspection Certification

Are you in the process our NACE inspectorsd of applying for a NACE Inspection certification? You’re not alone. Over half of the world’s inspectors are certified by the NACE Inspection Institute. You can apply for certification online or attend an in-person class. The first virtual CIP Level I class is scheduled for March 29-30, 2020, with additional dates and locations to be determined. Instructors are opening their schedules to accommodate students. This is the prerequisite for earning a NACE inspector certification.

To become a NACE certified inspector, you’ll need to complete the necessary training and pass the exams. You can take your training at a certified training facility or online. There are two brick-and-mortar training facilities. In Houston, you can take courses at the Elcometer Building. There, you’ll learn about 125 different courses and get hands-on experience. In Dubai, you can also take the NACE exam.

A NACE certified inspector can provide a traceable record of all testing on a coating system. He or she will apply statistical techniques to determine the performance of a coating system. This way, you can ensure that the coating meets industry standards and won’t cause any structural collapse. Not only will this ensure that your coatings are up to par, but you’ll also avoid costly delays or critical failures. This will save you time, money, and headaches.

NACE inspectors are responsible for examining coatings on various structures, including water tanks, pipelines, oil refineries, and natural gas plants. They are also hired to inspect ships, marine structures, and military installations. In fact, some of them even inspect underground structures. While it’s harder to inspect underground structures, the process may take longer to detect problems. You should contact a NACE inspector if you are interested in hiring a professional to do a NACE inspection.

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