The login page opens in a web browser, and you need to enter your admin username and password. Most routers come with a default username, but if you forgot it, try the suggested usernames and passwords. If that does not work, you will need to reset the router. If you are unable to remember the admin password, you can also contact support. You can leave a comment in the comments section and get an answer from them. Read more

How to Log in to Router

The login is typically found on the base of the router, but you can also find it in your user manual. Once you have the default username and password, you can change them and change the settings. If you have forgotten the username or password, you can always change it later. Some routers come with an easy to remember default username and password. To log in to your router, follow the instructions on the login page.

Upon login, you’ll be directed to the router’s login page. You can also change your router’s default password if you want to change it. You can find these details on the backside of the router, or inside the user manual. If you’re unsure of your default username and password, check the user manual or your router’s manual. To change your password, simply enter it and click save.

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