New Zealand Phone Psychics

New Zealand Phone Psychics

The New Zealand branch of the why our psychics Phone Psychic Association has been helping people with their telephone psychic readings and gift assistance since 1983. They provide the highest quality of phone psychic readings in the world and have a reputation of being helpful and giving accurate advice. They also offer card readings, tarot readings, spiritual guidance, and astrology. In addition to this, they also offer other services such as Reiki healing, life coaching, dream interpretation, healing palms, and crystal ball readings. You do not need a phone to book your session – you can call in, or even email them if you prefer.


A phone psychic in New Zealand is licensed through the Accreditation Board for Psychic Readings and acts as a self-regulatory organization. This means that all their members must adhere to strict standards of conduct including ethics and professionalism when it comes to phone psychic readings and telephone related matters. Their database contains millions of books, articles, and recordings that are relevant to all areas of spirituality. The Phone Psychic Association provides training and continuing education for its members on issues that are commonly found in phone psychics’ lives.


Their website provides a huge amount of information, including how to get a reading and where to find local phone psychic readings in New Zealand. They also have a huge list of resources and links that are related to phone psychic readings including their trademark phone cards. Membership is limited to twelve months at a time and is available at a reasonable fee. One year is also included on their website so you can be assured that your membership is valid for a full year. Once you become a member, you will automatically receive a free gift on arrival, in addition to your first session free of charge.

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