Womenswear, The Natural Choice

Ollie & Max Womenswear has always been a part of a woman’s everyday wardrobe. However, for women who are buying for the first time purchase or upgrading their old wardrobe, they can often get confused about what to buy. There are many different elements to womenswear – from shoes to outerwear, skirts to blouses, there’s something for everyone. In order to simplify your buying, here’s a quick guide to all the essential elements of womenswear. The essential elements of womenswear are covered here:

A Brief History of Womenswear

Womenswear comes in many different styles, each reflecting a unique lifestyle, style and color. The one thing all womenswear pieces share is the desire to be as ‘green’ as possible; the key element of sustainable minimalist design, which is making its way into more womenswear pieces. This element refers to choosing pieces made with fabrics, dyes and fabrics that are grown without causing harm to the environment. Most eco-conscious brands produce their products using ethical organic or biodegradable materials, and have created iconic labels such as Mother Nature and Mother Earth to create a worldwide impact.

Organic fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton are ideal for high tech, highly ventilated environments such as office cubicles, which are notorious for causing perspiration, body odor and even headaches. Organic fabrics also offer breathability, meaning they’re perfect for those hot summer months when you just want to stay cool and dry. Womenswear pieces resist pilling, the process which causes stains on clothing, because they are able to breathe. Resin fabrics also resist wrinkling, because they are smooth on the surface and don’t bunch up at the creases and wrinkles. When you purchase ethically sourced clothing that has been made with sustainable and organic fabrics, you’ll be doing your bit to save the environment and your own health.

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