Vernon BC Homes For Sale – Finding the Right One

This article is about the Vernon BC real estate market and my observations while vacationing in the area, visiting various home sales and looking at the various property mix in this area. Vernon BC is a small but densely populated city on the Eastern edge of Washington State in the Okanagan Country. It has one of the best blend of rural and urban in the entire Pacific Northwest. It’s a great place to live and vacation because the climate is beautiful year round and the scenery is unlike any other area in the region.Click Here – try it out

A Guide to Finding Homes For Sale in Vernon BC

The top reason why I like to buy houses in this area is that it has a great mix of residential condos and single family homes in every price range imaginable. There are some really spectacular single family homes and luxury condominiums for under one thousand dollars in many areas of Vernon BC. In the North and East areas near Lake Norman, there are some really high-end real estate offerings including top notch condos in prime locations, townhomes and luxury high rise condominiums. In some areas like Parksville, the demand is very strong for luxury condos and single family homes, but the demand is also very good for older, low cost condos in attractive neighborhoods. You will often find these at places like Mountainview, Melville and Edmonds.

The second best reason to purchase a house in the area is the great selection of homes. In terms of single family detached homes in Vernon BC, there are several options. Some areas have just one low end manufactured home for sale, whereas in other areas you can find multiple listings of three, four and even five or more quality brands of single family homes. In terms of townhomes, you will find both newer homes that boast new finishes and higher floor plans as well as older homes that look like they have been lived in for decades. You can even find some old time style tract homes for sale in this area as well, which give you the opportunity to live in the past while enjoying the convenience of modern living in this part of British Columbia. Whatever your interest or objectives, there is a real property package that will fit your needs.

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