Removing Water From Your Home’s Crawlspace or Basement

When there is water in the soil of your home, it is a serious matter. Not only is it an issue for you and your family to be concerned about, but it can be an issue for the safety of everyone in your home as well. Many times water in crawlspaces is due to improper sump pump installation. This can result in dangerous levels of water that are very hard to remove. Also, standing water in your home can be a result of leaking pipes or fixtures, so it is important that any standing water in crawlspaces is promptly repaired. Otherwise, you risk spreading mold and other harmful bacteria. Find out –

Removing Water From Your Home’s Crawlspace or Basement

You should have a professional structural engineer check your crawlspace for water leakage before any waterproofing system is installed. If heavy rain or severe weather does occur, you must repair any pipe or fixture that was damaged during the heavy rain. This will ensure that all water in your home is removed from the crawlspace immediately and no more water makes it’s way into your home. If your water problem is due to faulty equipment or plumbing lines, these areas should be inspected by a professional so that they can be fixed and sealed so that no further water damage occurs.

The best way to remove water from a crawlspace or basement is with a sump pump. A sump pump removes water from your home by draining water from a sump pit located beneath your house and into the ground. The sump pit is typically located at the lowest point in the crawlspace or basement and is built directly over the foundation. Once water in your home has been removed through the sump pump, a collection reservoir is installed to keep water in the area where it can be drained away safely. Water in the area must be allowed to dry thoroughly before reinstalling the pipes leading to your home’s sump pump and drainage system. In order to be sure that water removal is thorough, a professional will inspect your entire home to make certain that nothing was missed.

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