Kimbo Slice’s New Firestone Weather Grip Commercial

In the Season 3 finale of American Idol, Ruben Studdard gave his song selection to Adam Lambert, which was “Stone Cold Heart.” Throughout the song, he mentions that he has got a new pair of Firestone tires for himself and asks anyone who’s got a pair of “stuff” to let him know. One could interpret this as either a thinly-disguised compliment to the other contestants or as an ad for Firestone, possibly bringing up the brand in a rather light-hearted way. In any event, Ruben did give himself credit for picking up another pair of high quality tires for his song, and this probably bodes well for the future of Firestone, as well as other tire manufacturers.

firestone weather grip

Kimbo Slice’s New Firestone Weather Grip Commercial

However, in the latest installment of The Fast And The Furious, Kimbo the Great showed up with yet another brand of firestone tires for Kimbo’s next battle in the ring against James Thompson. This time, however, it was Kimbo’s partner Vin Diesel who had brought along a brand new set of tires for their shoot. So what is the deal with all these brand new Firestone tires? Are they the high quality DOT approved rims that Kimbo has been using on his showroom cars, or are these simply the latest trend in auto repair?

It’s difficult to say, as the market for firestone weather grip commercials doesn’t really seem to exist. In one episode of American Idol, Ruben was seen making his pitch for them, but when he asked Kimbo if he knew anything about the brand of rims he was wearing, he learned that Kimbo didn’t have a single clue who created this product. Since then, no other firestone weather grip brands have made their debut on television or in radio. Even if they do make an appearance on an episode of American Idol, it’s highly unlikely that these commercials will inspire the younger, hip hop crowd to purchase them. They’re more likely to be passed over in favor of the more popular brands like Scorpion and Pusher.

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